STYLING A CAPE IN WINTER ( happy New year)

Hello lovely people and a happy new year to you all! Hope your holiday went well because mine was great. I went for a little vacation in Dubai,( I had to run away from this winter a little bit) but I’m back now and guess what it’s colder than I left it. It feels so good to be back on the blog, three weeks break felt like forever I must say 🙈. 2018 has so many things to offer and I have decided to work very hard to accomplish all I have written down(goals), I know many people do not believe in writing out goals and stuffs like that but I write things I wish to accomplish because it keeps me in check and pushes me to work harder(if you’ve never tried it I think you should consider doing me it helps).So today on the blog I’ll be styling this beautiful wool cape that was given to me by my mum when I was coming to Ukraine, lol I know some of you might be thinking that’s a long time ago.. oh well that’s one thing about me; I love to maintain clothings no matter how long I’ve had them (which is very good but that will be a topic for another blog post). A cape can come in different styles and also from different fabrics, it can also be worn with virtually anything too (skirt, gown, trousers) . I styled mine with a flare trouser and a white shirt… it was so comfortable and also kept me warm a little as I wore it to church without any jacket. I also used a belt to keep the cape in a fixed position, this is optional depending on what your activity will be. This can’t end without me talking about my colorful turban and shoe😀 yellow and orange respectively.. they brought out the beauty of the outfit perfectly well . I did my make up myself and this beautiful pictures were taken by my friend Awal.I hope you like this outfit.. let me know what you think in the comment section below. Have a blessed week and see you in my next blog post. Cheers!!

Always remember (Trust in the lord with all Thine heart; and lean not unto thine own understanding)Proverbs 3:5.

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