Hey hey!! Happy new month guys and welcome to the month of February a.k.a “the month of love” . This year so far has been smooth; classes haven’t been too stressful and I’m thankful to God for that. Ahhh

Today’s post is something I decided to share because it’s a very comfortable and warm look especially for winter. Anybody can wear this and feel very comfortable. Moving on quickly into the outfit details… I’m wearing a

SHIRT: a shirt is one of those clothing every individual has, doesn’t matter the color I believe everyone has at least one shirt in their closet. In this look I wore a long sleeved shirt because I usually get cold easily so I love to wear comfortable clothings to school. You can wear a short sleeve shirt or even a polo shirt if you’ll feel comfortable in it.

SWEATER: most sweaters are made from wool that’s why they are usually thick. The sweater in this look isn’t extremely thick because I’m wearing a long sleeve beneath(wouldn’t want to suffocate, lol). There are different styles of sweaters (v neck, very high neck) in any case a shirt can also be worn beneath.If you’ll like to wear a very thick sweater I will advise you wear a short sleeve shirt so you don’t get too hot and uncomfortable in class.

UGGS: I love love ugg boots because they are so comfortable and not too expensive, they usually have fur on the inside which keeps you super warm. I love to wear them when its snowing and also when it’s extremely cold , I wouldn’t advice anyone to wear an ugg boot when the snow is melting or when it rains because your feet would be soaked with water and it might stain your lovely boots.

HEAD WARMER: this is very essential because it keeps the ears warm and most importantly the head too (its very easy to have headaches when it’s very cold and your head isn’t properly covered). Any color is perfect for cold trust me.

COAT: This is something every student should have… if you have one thick good coat you can use it for 2 winter seasons or even more. I see many students wearing a very thin jacket during winter and when I ask if they’re not cold they mostly say they find thicker jackets heavy, oh well it’s better to wear a thick jacket and be healthy than wear a thin fancy jacket and fall sick afterwards.

THERMAL PANTS & TROUSERS: Another essential item, what differentiates a thermal pant or trouser from a regular jean or cotton trouser is the thick layer of fur inside the thermal pant, although some individuals prefer to wear joggers which is also warm. I’ll just say stick to whatever you’re comfortable in.

NECK SCARF OR MUFFLER: I wasn’t on any in this look but it’s another clothing which can help to keep warm during winter and it’s mostly optional.

I hope you found this helpful, remember any color of shirt, trouser and sweater you’re comfortable in can be worn to achieve this look. I love playing with color a lot hence this colorful look.( a post on how to blend colors perfectly will be up soon).

Thanks so much for taking your time to read this, if you have any question or you have an outfit you’ll love to learn how to style please leave a comment below. Thank you and see you in my next post. Cheers!!!

SHOT BY:Vavruh

EDITED BY:As photography


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