Hey lovelies, how have we been? I’ll like to share one exciting experience with y’all.. so on Sunday I got a picture from one of my course mate and these were her words “thanks for the inspiration love. In the picture she was wearing a cape, a shirt and a trouser I’m sure you already know the blog post she was inspired by if you don’t you can check it out HERE. I know this might not mean anything to some people but it really meant a lot to me and This is me saying a huge thank you to every single person that takes time to read and learn from my blog post, I really appreciate it.

Enough of the mushy moments lol, It’s just few hours till Valentine’s Day who’s excited??

Oh well for me it’s just going to be another normal day because I have to read,go to class,write tests and do the cool things medical students do 😉. Today,ill be featuring a male fashionista RYAN And together we will be giving you some beautiful picture ideas for your valentine date.

I bet every girl loves to feel comfortable on a date, well I do that’s why I decided to pull out a comfortable outfit from my wardrobe. The furry piece I have on is super comfy. It can be worn as a muffler, a scarf, a shawl,it can also be stretched to any length,it gives a cozy feeling, it has no sleeves to be worried about and yea it’s red(atarodo hotness 😏). The black shawl on me is exactly the same as the gown and can be worn vice versa.

We have two type of ladies… the ones that love heels and the ones that love sneakers, whatever category you fall in this post Favors you. The slippers heel and white sneakers goes well with the gown and anyone you decide to use will do justice. I love what Ryan is wearing it’s not too loud neither is it dull it’s perfect and blends well.

I love the restaurant; thanks to my photographer he picked one of the best for this shoot.

I hope this post has given you one or two ideas on how to get comfortable on your date😊. Till my next blog post have a lovely time . Cheers!!!

What I’m wearing

Sneakers: pull & bear

Slipper heel: mayossi

Dress: random store



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