Hey lovelies welcome back to the blog! I made a poll last week on my Instagram story asking how often my blog posts should be and about 75% voted weekly, well it’s gonna be a tasking one but I’m trusting God to see me through it.

It’s summer as we all know and prints are totally welcomed in this season. I’ll be showcasing some incredible outfits with prints and I hope you like them. On that note today’s edition is about this lovely two piece set that was gifted to me by my doctor friend Tosha , I love the fact that the top is plain and is also an off shoulder… it makes it super easy to wear it with anything be it a trouser or a skirt of any color, pattern or design. The skirt is high waisted, floral and has a slit behind… I love skirts with slits because they are comfortable to walk in.

The fact that the skirt is floral makes it perfect to rock in summer or spring, a cooperate buttoned down shirt can be worn with it, preferably short sleeve. A random blouse can also be worn with it but one important thing to look out for is the pattern on it, you wouldn’t want to wear a top with a lot of patterns that doesn’t match the floral pattern of the skirt perfectly.

It was a little bit cold so I wore this long coat to make me warm and I love the way it gave the whole look a complete classy vibe. My bag was a birthday gift from my friend Oma.

Please let me know your thoughts on this look in the comment section below..

Till my next blog post remain fabulous!!!



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