Hey guys, how are you all doing? As for me I’m trying to shuttle between blogging, Medical school and thousands of adulthood activities in very, very low temperatures….. So I guess I’m not totally fine but I’ll soon be.

Although winter is almost over, it still remains a season I have mixed feelings about because on rare occasions, I love the weather but most times I do not. So I love to look good but I also try to stay warm while at it (I cant tolerate cold).

Here are few clothing items I feel would help you look fashionable and warm this season.

1. TURTLENECK SWEATERS: It’s a unisex piece that can’tseem to go out of style and is a must have as far as winter is concerned. It is very easy to style and can be trusted to keep you warm anytime any day because of the collar that folds over and covers the neck. Black is a color no one finds difficult to style so I’ll recommend a black turtle neck any day.

2. WOOL NECK SCARF: This piece is basically just to add a little flair to your outfit, any color can be purchased as long as it works for you.

3. LOW HEELED ANKLE BOOTS/BLOCK HEEL BOOTS: Black and brown boots are the most common colours of boots you’ll catch most people wearing during winter. Remember you do not want to wear anything that’ll limit swift movements hence the low heel.

4. CAPS/HATS: This is one item I particularly love. There’s just something about hats I cannot explain… I guess it’s because they give my dressing a statement (casual or not).

5. STATEMENT JACKET: I think everybody needs to get that one jacket that says it all….it helps to save excess spending on sweaters lol, I mean who cares about what you’re wearing beneath a banger statement jacket.

6. CAPES: Well I used to think only ladies wear capes until recently. Some men actually pull it off pretty well (style is getting advanced every day).

7. COLORED SWEATERS: OK forgive me for saying who cares about what you wear beneath a jacket lol… most times any color of thick sweater does the trick.

8. SKINNY JEANS/ MOM JEAN: Sorry they just have to be here…. I mean the name alone gives you comfort and warmth!!!

9. KNEE LENGTH BOOTHS: Very essential for those that get tired of wearing pants in winter. Knee length booths can be worn with miniskirts or gowns.

10. STRIPED SWEATERS: This trend became very popular last year, stripes became the cool kid everybody wanted to hang out with.

11. SNEAKERS: Need I say more? I used to think people who wore sneakers during winter were psychos until I joined them. They’re comfy and very light (saves your legs the stress from boots). The only bad thing about it is that it cannot be worn on very snowy days well except you’re ready for frostbite.

12. ANY FUR PIECE: Yasss!!! This can be anything I mean anything as long as it has FUR on it (giving you some Cookie from Empire kinda vibes).

13. LEGGING/ POP SOCKS: Some leggings have fur in them and these are the kind I’m referring to. They are just really simple wardrobe basics and are very optional.

14. JOGGERS: I did a little poll review on joggers and jeans, I was amazed on the amount of people who preferred wearing joggers to jeans. I guess comfort is key after all.

15. GLOVES: I personally do not wear gloves to keep me warm because I feel they make my hands colder than they should be but I guess I’m weird….. Do not listen to me, get gloves and save your fingers from frostbite.

I hope this goes a long way. Till my next blog post remain FABULOUS!!!



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