Hey guys welcome back to day 2 of the posting challenge, one of the main reasons i started blogging was to help ladies build their wardrobes with versatile items that can be worn in different ways thereby reducing cost and so far, I’ll say I’ve faithfully worked towards it. Today I’ll be talking about 5 shoes every girl should own.

The first on my list has to be a PUMP HEEL : This is a covered shoe mostly with pointy ends, some pumps come in block heels but most come in thin heels. A pump heel is one essential item a girl should have because it can be worn with virtually anything, another reason they are essential is because they can last for a very long period of time. Pumps are comfortable to walk in and I’ll suggest a black or nude color because they’ll match almost any outfit.

The second has to be FLATS : This can be in any form, this is essential because flats can be worn anytime for long. It’s best to invest in a very good one that’ll last for years.

The next is a SANDAL HEEL : This can come in a block form or thin heel, strap sandals are classy and can spice up very simple looks. Gold and black is a color I’ll recommend.

SNEAKERS: A good pair of sneakers can go a long way, investing in a good pair will definitely not be a bad idea. I’ll advice a grey, navy blue or black color for starters.

BROGUES: A lot of ladies do not like this shoe because they feel it looks masculine, a brogue is that shoe that you can wear anytime you do not want to wear heels on a cooperate wear (suits especially). Brown brogues gives a statement look but a silver color would not be bad either.

Thank you for reading till this point,I hope you find this post helpful. Till my next blog post remain FABULOUS!!!

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