Growing up in Nigeria thrifting was called GBANJO(I hope I got the spelling right) or OKRIKA there was this believe that only poor people who could not afford new clothes go to thrift stores. I remember back then my elder sister would go out with her friends and come back with lots of clothes and I’ll always tell myself I cannot wait to become an adult so I can get as many clothes as I want. When she brings the clothes she’ll always hide them from my mum because my mum never liked us buying things from thrift stores. My Mum’s reason for not buying clothes from thrift stores was because they had a particular smell from the strong chemicals they used to wash the clothes and she believes the former owners of the clothes might have some skin related diseases or very dirty hygiene (my mum is very health conscious).

Whenever my sister puts on a thrifted dress my mum always knew and she’ll tease her and make her change the outfit. Fast forward to when I came to Ukraine, my roommate came back with lots of clothes again and I asked where she got them from she said the thrift store and immediately I lost interest she then went on to say “ see this one do you know how much I got everything? I asked her to tell me , when she did I was surprised because the amount was ridiculously cheap. I decided to go thrifting on day, I got so many clothes, I just kept on picking and picking almost everything I saw lol. Months passed and I did not wear the clothes I got because I didn’t like them instead I went shopping at the mall.

After that experience I just concluded that thrifting was not for me so I stopped thrifting until one day, I read a post on T2PITCHY’S blog.In that post she stated that going to a thrift store is not just about going to pick cheap clothes it’s about knowing what you want, seeing a piece and knowing what you can do with it. That post gave me a second thought and I decided to read more about thrifting, how to thrift, when to thrift and what not to thrift it’s funny but yea I had to learn because I didn’t want to waste my time and money. I found myself watching videos on how to thrift and everything thrifting related and guess what? I’m not the best when it comes to thrifting but I know what to do with every piece I pick from a thrift store. I still shop at malls and online stores but most times when I need something urgently and I cannot find it in a store, thrifting does it for me.

Lastly, I am not trying to say thrifting is bad and shopping from big stores are the best, find what works for you financially and don’t break your bank account trying to look good.

P.S: these pictures are not related to this post, just wanted to post the pictures I took from yesterday’s outing because I like them. Shout out to my mum!! She took this pictures.

Thanks for taking time out to read today’s post you can catch up on some styling videos on my IGTV till my next blog post remain FABULOUS!!!


  1. My mum too felt that same way,so she made sure we washed every clothing we bought from any thrift store properly before wearing them.Btw,you’re doing amazing ❤️❤️.

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    1. I guess mothers are just being protective and yes it’s good to wash items gotten from thrift stores properly before use. Thank you love I appreciate 💋❤️❤️


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