Ever heard the popular quote “if you can think it, you can do it? I bet you have. But have you ever really paused for a minute not a second to visualize yourself actually achieving what you imagined in your tiny little small mind ? Lol..I use these microscopic words because the ideas we have in our head are just like viruses.

Chill…… I’ll tell you why.

A virus as dangerous as it is cannot be seen with our ordinary eyes. A virus also has the ability to shut a whole system down be it a human system or a computer system. Now remember that this virus we talk about cannot be seen with our ordinary eyes only with a microscope. Now when you use a microscope to view a virus that’s when you can detect the type of virus you’re dealing with and only then can you find a way of cutting down its multiplication.

On the other hand our ideas, dreams and imaginations are just like this same virus(tiny in nature) now when you take a minute to visualize this idea coming to reality…do you know what you’re doing? You’re seeing your idea from a microscopic point of view. Remember that when you use a microscope to view a virus you can put a name to that virus. So when you view your ideas microscopically you will begin to see more clarity,understanding & directions and you will be more convinced that the ability of you imaging anything is directly proportional to your ability of GETTING IT DONE!!!

So if you CAN THINK IT you definitely CAN DO IT!

As for me I already have my microscopic sight…get yours and meet me at the TOP!!!

Till my next blog post remain FABULOUS!!

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