Happy Sunday loves hope you were able to make it to church today? Well I did and I was blessed. I didn’t plan to make a post today but I received a lot of compliments and many people said they wanted to see it on the blog so here you go loves…. a simple way … Continue reading THE KIMONO SPICE.


10 years ago, I never thought or imagined I’ll be anywhere close to where I am today, I never saw myself achieving half of the things I’ve achieved today,I never saw myself anywhere close to the places I’ve been, I never thought of doing anything that’ll draw any kind of attention to me most of … Continue reading WORLD MERCYLAYO’S DAY!


In my few years of blogging, I’ve come to realize that style is basically anything you think of, anything you put together, anything you imagine, anything you do and people can relate to, anything that speaks your personality to an extent and finally anything you enjoy doing. Today’s post is all about combining different pieces … Continue reading THE STYLE TALK.