Happy Sunday loves hope you were able to make it to church today? Well I did and I was blessed. I didn’t plan to make a post today but I received a lot of compliments and many people said they wanted to see it on the blog so here you go loves…. a simple way… Continue reading THE KIMONO SPICE.


Hello lovely readers, welcome back to my blog! If this is your first time here you’re highly welcome please feel free to check out my other blog posts. So I’ve been working on a new schedule for my blog (what to post, when to post, intervals,timing and many other stuffs) and making some decisions has… Continue reading STYLING MONOCHROME IN SPRING.


Happy new month guys…. welcome to March (my birth month)! 2019 has been a beautiful year so far and on behalf of my friends and family I remain grateful to God Almighty. Before I go into the details of today’s post, I’ll like to share something exciting that happened to me last week….. yea, so… Continue reading STYLING A KIMONO IN SPRING | STAINLESSBABETOUCH & MERCYLAYO |


Life they say is like a box of crayons, and different colors make up a box of crayons…. Some boxes have more colors Some boxes have less colors Some boxes have the same colors in different shades Some boxes have dark colors Some boxes have bright colors. A writer once compared human life with a… Continue reading ADMIRABLE TRAFFIC LIGHT!

READY, SET, SPRING!!! ( mom jean + big shirt)

Spring is Here!! Hello loves, I hope your week hasn’t been as hectic as mine? So I changed the logo of the blog thanks to NENNY she worked with some picture ideas I sent to her and boom this awesome logo was made. On today’s blog post I’ll be pairing a big yellow shirt with… Continue reading READY, SET, SPRING!!! ( mom jean + big shirt)